________About the Downtown Writers Network

The Downtown Writers Network is a resource for independent writers in central Ohio.

Located in Columbus, we provide services to freelancers, businesses that use freelance talent, and all creative writers in the dynamic mid-Ohio market.


The Downtown Writers Network exists to promote central Ohio writers. Our philosophy can be summed up with two simple points:
1. There's nothing better than being a writer.
2. There's no better time than now to be one.

So we're here to help both business writers and creative writers.

For freelance, technical and business writers, we provide an online database where you can market your skills and locate new clients.

For creative writers, we offer workshops where you can get together with other authors, in a creative space that's solely designed to celebrate the writing life.

Douglas Gray, DirectorThe Director of the Downtown Writers Network is Douglas Gray, who's been active in the Columbus writing community for over 20 years as a technical writer, event organizer, college professor and poet (Words on the Moon, 1993, Midlist Press).

When we first started, we operated out of a storefront in the historic Old Town East district near downtown -- hence, the name "Downtown Writers."

But we sold the building in 2003 and are now operating solely from this website, where we can continue to serve the central Ohio writing community just as effectively as before.

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