________Services for Freelance Writers

The Downtown Writers Network is a resource for independent writers in central Ohio.

Located in Columbus, we provide services to freelancers, businesses that use freelance talent, and all creative writers in the dynamic mid-Ohio market.


The Downtown Writers Network will help you with two of your most time-consuming tasks: marketing yourself, and locating clients whose needs match your talents and experience.

As a subscriber, you'll benefit from three special services, all without charge to you for the first year.

First, you can market your skills by posting a profile of your talents and even your resume on our web site. Because we offer businesses and organizations free access to this information, we will be a first stop for your prospective clients and employers. You'll also have access to additional space for samples from your portfolio, references or whatever material you want to include

Businesses can advertise writing jobs for free on our website. As a subscriber, you'll receive immediate e-mail notices of all new job postings on our "Writers Needed" pages, 24 - 48 hours before they appear on the internet.

To find out how to become a subscriber to the Downtown Writers Network, click here.